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2 dage konference

Ecodesign and energy labelling in practice – experiences, challenges, regulation and impact

An international conference focusing on companies' experiences with ecodesign and energy labelling as well as the consequences, which the implementation of the new requirements has on product groups such as heat pumps, condensing units, chillers and refrigeration equipment.

Past, present and future
The conference focuses on ecodesign and energy labelling in practical application. The conference takes a closer look at the past, present and future of ecodesign and energy labelling – how the requirements have been implemented, what is the current status and which expectations are there for the future?

International speakers
At the conference, you will hear Danish and international authorities as well as EU representatives talk about the implementation of ecodesign and energy labelling requirements, the challenges of market surveillance and the cooperation across borders in the EU.

You will also hear speakers from international quality schemes as well as international manufacturers talk about their experiences in the field.

Visit to a Danish manufacturer
Learn how a Danish manufacturer handles ecodesign and energy labelling in practice and join us on a guided tour around the company premises. You can choose between a visit to Johnson Controls or Advansor.


Day 1
09.30-10.00 Registration and coffee

10.00-10.10 Welcome, Esben Vendelbo Foged, Danish Technological Institute

10.10-10.50 The Danish approach towards ecodesign, Bjarke Hansen, Danish Energy Agency

10.50-11.0 5 Coffee break

11.05-11.35 Status on the ecodesign and energy labelling process, Bjarke Hansen, Danish Energy Agency

11.35-12.05 Past implementation - exemplified by heat pumps, Esben Vendelbo Foged, Danish Technological Institute

12.05-12.35 Present implementation - exemplified by condensing units, process chillers, professional storage cabinets, Per Henrik Pedersen, Danish Technological Institute

12.35-13.35 Lunch

13.35-14.15 Future implementation - exemplified by high-temperature chillers, air conditioners, to be confirmed

14.15-14.45 Challenges from a producer perspective, David Kroon, NIBE

14.45-15.15 Challenges from a producer perspective, Els Baert, Daikin Europe

15.15-15.55 EHPA Keymark Program, Stephan Pähler, Stiebel Eltron

15.55-16.35 Euro Heat Pump, Erick Melquiond, NF PAC

16.35-17.15 Laboratory, Lasse Søe, Jesper W. Kristoffersen & Mads K. Foged, Danish Technological Institute

17.15-18.15 Laboratory walk and refreshments, Lasse Søe, Danish Technological Institute

18.15-19.00 Individual transport to restaurant - conference dinner

19.00-22.30 Conference dinner and sightseeing at Den Gamle By (the Old Town)

Day 2
08.00-08.20 Transit from DTI to Johnson Controls and Advansor

08.20-09.40 Company visits to Johnson Controls or Advansor*

09.40-10.00 Transit from company to DTI

10.00-10.15 Today’s programme, Esben Vendelbo Foged, Danish Technological Institute

10.15-11.00 Market surveillance in Denmark, Pia Westphalen, Secretariat for Ecodesign and Energy Labelling of Products

11.00-11.45 Nordsyn and the Nordic market surveillance cooperation, to be confirmed

11.45-12.30 Market surveillance in the EU, Prosafe

12.30-13.30 Lunch

13.30-14.30 Ecodesign/energy labelling – group work

14.30-15.30 Ecodesign/energy labelling – discussion in plenum

15.30-15.45 End of conference

* Please specify in your registration which of the two companies you would like to visit!

The programme is reguarly updated.

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