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12711 - Free Webinar: The TOP Value Equation – Jed Simms, founder and CEO of Totally Optimized Projects

Free Webinar: The TOP Value Equation – Alexandra Chapman, co-creator and Director at Totally Optimized Projects

Too often ‘on time/on budget’ projects are regarded as failures by their clients/users. No one wants to be associated with a failure. You want to be consistently delivering projects that are held up by everyone as successful. And this really is quite simple to do — when you know the secret.

Alexandra Chapman
Join Alexandra Chapman for a one hour, free webinar on The TOP Value Equation, a leading project value delivery methodology, and learn how you can get the most out of your projects and how to become certified in The TOP Value Equation.

Ms. Chapman has over 33 years in technology and business strategy, helping executives and project responsible learn the thinking models and techniques which make it easy for them to succeed with strategy and project execution.

Participant profile

This course will be of great value to all who are involved in projects - from the management team to finance and Project Portfolio Management, Product Management, Steering Committee members, project- and programme managers, Project Office, etc.

In this free webinar you will learn about:

What happens when you shift project focus from ‘Cost’ to ‘Value’

  • How the TOP Value Equation links your project activities directly to the benefits you want to deliver – every project, every time
  • How change management and benefits realization is made simple when using The TOP Value Equation
  • How TOP works in practice – hear about how to define what you want to achieve in clear, value-to-business terms, and how this drives your projects to consistent and successful deliveries
  • Answers to your questions about the methodology and the 3 day TOP Value Equation certification course held at Teknologisk Institut (also available without certification as a 2 day seminar)

The webinar is in collaboration with TOP Totally Optimized Projects, which is a global leader and innovator in strategy execution and project value delivery. “The shift in focus from cost to value transforms projects, often doubles the business results and allows the organization to invest less whilst reaping far more in returns.”

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