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circular economy


SEMINAR: CIRCULAR ECONOMY – WHAT’S YOU APPROACH?Venue: Industriens Hus, H.C. Andersens Blvd. 18, 1787 København KDate: 23-24 October 2017, Registration: no later than 15 October 2017Price: 3950 DKK

Do you want to gain insights into the many aspects of circular economy? The main focus of this seminar will be on connecting the dots between political guidelines and the introduction of circular economy in your company.

At the seminar, we will introduce you to real-life examples from the industry, and you will have an opportunity to get a hands-on experience in applying aspects from circular economy into your company. Cases will be presented by large companies and SME’s, which will contribute to the discussion on the different possibilities of adopting the circular economy way of thinking in your company.

The seminar is organized by the Danish Technological Institute (DTI) and Confederation of Danish Industry (Dansk Industri).

  • Coffee and Registration
  • Welcome and EPA view on circular economy

    Finn Pedersen, Deputy Head of Division, Miljøstyrelsen

  • Introduction to the seminar and Kemi i Kredsløb

    Gitte Tang Kristensen, Faglig leder, Proces og Materialekemi, Teknologisk Institut

  • How do companies exploit the potential of circular economy?

    Mats Linder, Project Manager, New Plastics Economy, Ellen MacArthur Foundation

  • Transition to circular economy: cradle-2-cradle certification

    Jan Møller, Environmental Manager, Egetæpper A/S

  • Workshop: WHY circular economy and sustainability

    Henning Sejer Jakobsen, Idéudvikler, Teknologisk Institut

  • Lunch
  • Company Presentation - to be announced
  • Chemical Leasing as a business model in circular economy

    Marco Camboni, Principal Consultant, RPA Ltd.

  • How does the industry move forward with circular economy following the recommendations from the Danish Advisory Board?

    Karin Klitgaard, Environmental Policy Director, Dansk Industri

  • Coffee Break
  • Workshop: HOW circular economy and sustainability - what does it take?

    Henning Sejer Jakobsen, Idéudvikler, Teknologisk Institut

  • Summing up and closing remarks
  • Coffee and Breakfast
  • Introduction to the agenda of Day 2
  • Company Presentation: Printing and Sustainability - how to make it work?

    Kasper Larsen, Kommerciel Direktør / CCO, KLS Pureprint A/S

  • Company Presentation: LEGO on aiming towards sustainable development and the establishment of Sustainable Materials Centre

    Jes Faltum, Director, Environmental Specialist, LEGO A/S

  • Road to Circular Economy:

    Dorte Rasmussen, Senior consultant, DHI

    Henriette Christiansen, Konsulent, DHI

    Margrethe Winther-Nielsen, R&D Program Manager, DHI

    • Can we estimate the chemical compound migration from materials?
    • How do we select the "best" chemical compound from available alternatives?
    • Is a larger cooperation in the supply chain the way forward?
  • Group discussion on circular economy - why have not you implemented circular economy aspects in your company yet? Barriers and challenges.
  • Lunch
  • Recap of group discussions
  • Company Presentation - to be announced
  • A point of view on sustainability in the circular economy

    Anders Holme Jensen, Adm. Direktør, We Do Wood ApS

  • Summing up and closing remarks
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  • Gitte Tang Kristensen
  • Faglig leder, cand.scient., PMP 
  • +45 72201095
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