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1 dags workshop

Measurement and Control of Humidity and Moisture in Industry

Danish Technological Institute is hosting a workshop on measurement and control of humidity and moisture in process industry with focus on food, feed and pharmaceutical products.

Water content in food, feed, pharmaceutical products etc. is an important factor for both producers and consumers. Producers aim at keeping the water content uniform. Over-drying a product results in less product and uses energy, implying lower income, whereas under-drying can make the product fail the requirements, leading to batches of product being discarded.

Monitoring humidity under transient conditions and at temperatures above 100 °C is a key factor in controlling drying processes. Thus, by improving the reliability of these humidity measurements annual savings of millions of euros can be achieved in Europe.

In food and feed production drying and baking are key processes, and water activity is a key parameter in controlling the quality of the products. Traditionally, material samples are taken from the process and measured using laboratory analysers to determine water activity. Inline measurement of the water activity of a product directly after it leaves the dryer – with a sufficient accuracy – will reduce waste and save energy. This requires new developments in water activity measurement techniques and knowledge about the relation between water activity and water content in the material (the sorption isotherm).

In this workshop, the need of inline humidity measurements is discussed. The participants will learn about the newest developments in inline measurements of water activity and how to relate these to traditional standardized measurements with laboratory analysers. The challenges in measuring relative humidity at high temperatures and transient condition as well as the calibration of humidity sensors under these conditions are discussed.

The presentations at the workshop will be held in English.

The workshop is organized within the HIT project (www.empir-hit.eu). This project aims to develop improved measurement and calibration techniques for industrial humidity measurements at high temperatures up to 180 °C and transient conditions. Danish Technological Institute organizes this workshop aimed at process industry, manufacturers of measurement equipment and others interested in improving humidity and water activity measurements in processes.

A training course on Advance Methods for Humidity Calibration & Uncertainty is held in association with the workshop on 11 April . You have to join the workshop for participation in this course. It is free of charge for participants in the workshop. The number of participants to the training course is limited. See the programme for the training course.

Workshop programme (preliminary)

09:30 10:00 Registration & Coffee

10:00 10:10 Opening the workshop
Jan Nielsen Danish Technological Institute

10:10 10:30 Metrology for Humidity at High Temperatures and Transient conditions – the challenge
Dr. Martti Heinonen VTT MIKES

10:30 10:55 Pitfalls when using air humidity sensors in dynamic conditions
Kim Albert Schmidt FORCE Technology

10:55 11:10 Coffee

11:10 11:35 GEA managing humidity
Søren Juhl Pedersen GEA Process Enginering A/S

11:35 12:00 Improving the efficiency of humidity calibrations in a lab and on site
Dr. Martti Heinonen VTT MIKES

12:00 13:00 Lunch & Networking

13:00 13:25 A New Acoustic Method for Relative Humidity Measurement Demonstrated in a Dairy

Wilhelm van Schaik van Schaik Innovation Handling B.V.

13:25 13:50 A Climatic Chamber for dew-point temperatures up to 150 °C
Rien Bosma VSL Dutch Metrology Institute

13:50 14:15 The significance of water activity and sorption isoterms
Dr. Jens Risbo University of Copenhagen

14:15 14:30 Coffee

14:30 14:55 Using isotherms for determination of shelf life of milk powder

Mikka Stenholdt Hansen Arla Foods amba.

14:55 15:20 Progress towards traceable inline measurement of water activity
Henrik Kjeldsen/Jan Nielsen Danish Technological Institute

15:20 15:45 Automatic Quality Analyzer System for in-line measurement of water activity in feed
Jens Erik Stengaard Source Technology ApS

15:45 15:55 Summary and close
Jan Nielsen Danish Technological Institute

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