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Rheology advanced course online

Learn how to use rheology to characterize product viscosity, consistency, viscoelasticity, gel strength and yield strength. Consistency is a critical quality parameter for a wide range of products. Rheology uses instrumental measurements to characterize the consistency and structure of products, e.g., gel strength, elasticity, and flow properties. During the course, various rheological methods are reviewed and demonstrated, which will provide knowledge about different product properties.


  • General knowledge of the basic concepts within viscosity and viscoelasticity
  • Basic understanding of the principle of oscillating measurement
  • Knowledge of various oscillating measurements
  • Knowledge of interpretation of rheological measurement results

Participant profile

Persons who perform or use results from rheological analyses or work with products or processes where rheological properties are a quality parameter.


Teacher Maria Barmar Larsen, Chemical engineer, Senior Specialist. Maria has practical experience with viscosity measurement and rheological characterization of various products.


  • Easy-to-understand review of terminology and basic concepts
  • Short about viscosity and viscosity measurement
  • Viscoelasticity
  • The principle of oscillating measurement
  • Oscillating measurements - stress sweep, frequency sweep, temperature sweep, creep test
  • Rheological product characterization
  • Practical demonstration and exercises
  • G', G'', phase angle
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