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Seminar: Powders, particles and processes

Powders and particles appear in a wide range of processes and products within the food, feed and pharmaceutical industries. These can appear both in the production process and as the form of the final product, and they can give rise to significant challenges.This day deals with a wide range of topics, and participants are introduced to advanced techniques for analysis and processing of powder. The topics will range from powder technology still under development to topics that are well-described such as ATEX and silo design. Benefit from engaging with specialists within powder treatment and characterization.

Expected benefits

Participants can expect to come home with new knowledge about powders as well as familiarity with relevant measurement methods that can be used to characterize a powder. Tools for describing powder performance will be introduced, and participants will be equipped with a foundation that will help them delve into the topics most relevant to them as well as their processes and products. The program is still being finalized, so some titles may change and further presentations will appear.


Before lunch

  • How do you measure powder correct? What influences the measurement? - Thomas Petersen, Specialist, Danish Technological Institute
  • Powder rheology; flowability of fluidized powder - Denis Schütz, Application Scientist, Anton Paar
  • Numerical modelling of powder flow exemplified with green sand - Jon Spangenberg, Associate Professor, Technical University of Denmark

Afternoon session 1

  • Energy optimized, industrial handling of powders and granulates - Specialist Representative from TEKFA
  • Measuring powder flowability before and after time consolidation using a shear cell - Cosima Hirschberg, PhD student, University of Copenhagen

Afternoon session 2

  • Dustiness: A newly developed method - Peter Bøgh Pedersen, Senior Specialist, Danish Technological Institute
  • Explosive dust athmospheres, ATEX zone 20, 21 & 22 - Jakob Nittegaard, Senior Specialist, Danish Technological Institute

Part of the knowledge disseminated at the seminar will come from the Q-Dry project (High Quality Dry Products with Superior Functionality and Stability), which is partly funded by the Innovation Fund Denmark. You can read more about the project here (in Danish, contact below for information in English):



The day is targeted towards professionals who work with processes involving powders or products that appear in powder form. Presentations will be in English, so English proficiency at the level of professional dissemination is recommended.

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