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Symposium on medical cannabis: From plant to patient

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4th Annual Symposium on Medical Cannabis

The medical cannabis industry came into existence in 2018 in Denmark. While still a relatively emerging industry, the past half a decade has created an extended ecosystem around the production of medical cannabis that shapes the competitiveness of the industry and determines the path forward.
Supporting industries, key stakeholders, and potential partners ensure strong growth for the sector, including plant sciences and technology, new approaches to cultivation, product development, and most importantly clinical evidence that contributes to the ultimate end-users: patients and their doctors.
Companies in the industry cannot compete effectively without these vital pieces in place. It is up to the industry to engage with these partners to ensure continued development of the sector.

What’s next for the medical cannabis industry?

The trial program for the production of medical cannabis has ended, replaced by a permanent framework for production, manufacture, and export. This signals a shift in focus, from getting established and launching the first products on the market, towards a greater need for long-term drivers of success such as efficiency, sustainability, and impact.
Meanwhile, the ability for doctors to prescribe medical cannabis as part of a pilot scheme has been extended for an additional four years, with an assessment scheduled for the end of 2024. Evidence generated in the current pilot program will determine the shape of the industry going forward.
This is the theme of this year’s event: The next step. Discussion will include new knowledge and sharing experiences of international contexts for removing bottlenecks for plant production, product development, and engagement with doctors and patients.

The Symposium

The Medical Cannabis Symposium functions as a platform for knowledge exchange between experts along the value chain from “Plant to Patient”. This is the 4th edition of the Symposium, and aims to engage with stakeholders as the industry matures into its next phase of development.
The Symposium is based on understanding the value chain “From Plant to Patient” and involves creating links between the various stakeholders that are involved in this dynamic industry.
The program can be downloaded here:

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The symposium will be held in English.


  • Session 1: Plant breeding: Applying breeding tactics for the medical cannabis industry
  • Session 2: Plant cultivation: Cultivation technologies to support sustainability
  • Session 3: Product development: Engagement with the wider ecosystem
  • Session 4: Clinical studies: Research on new applications
  • Session 5: Patient application: The Nordic perspective on research collaboration
  • Networking at Storms Pakhus afterwards!

Experience production sites and science projects

Visits the production sites at Schroll Medical and Little Green Pharma and University of Southern Denmark, Department for Green Technology.
Who are you going to meet:
- Schroll Medical was the first Danish production facility that got approved for sale and export in 2021. Today they export to several markets in Europe, and to Australia and New Zealand.
- Little Green Pharma’s Danish asset is one of Europe's largest facilities for production. The company is Australian and has production sites both in Perth and in Odense, Denmark. Hear about how they developed the asset after they bought it in 2021.
- The University of Southern Denmark was the first Danish university with permission to handle the cannabis plant.
The Department for Green Technology has collaborated with most of the Danish companies involved in medical cannabis, and with the Danish Medicines Agency.
  • Learn how science has played a part in developing the Danish industry.


8.30: Bus departure from Odense City Center (to be decided)
9.00 – 10.30:Schroll Medical
11.00 – 12.00: University of Southern Denmark, Department for Green Technology
Lunch is served in the bus.
12.30 - 14.00:Little Green Pharma
14.30:End of program
Price: DKK 300,-
You can choose to sign up for the tour when you sign up for the Symposium on this site.

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Arrangementer på Teknologisk Institut bliver evalueret af deltagerne. Stjernerne angiver deltagernes gennemsnitlige tilfredshed inden for de sidste 5 år.
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About the hosts

Invest in Denmark – National investment promotion agency under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Invest in Denmark has been actively involved in attracting medical cannabis investments into the Danish ecosystem, generating jobs and economic growth across Denmark.

Invest in Odense helps promote the local and national medical cannabis industry, and hosts network events. Invest in Odense is part of Odense Municipality and part of the triple helix collaboration connecting companies, science and government to develop the industry and generate growth.

Danish Technological Institute (GTS) transferring science to industry. For more than 112 years the Institute is supporting the Danish industry with new technology and innovations. Center for Bioressourcer working on optimized plants production indoor and in tissue culture as well as conducting breeding methods as using side streams for circular production.