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From Complex to Concise Writing: Professional Communication

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Are you looking to enhance your ability to effectively communicate your professional knowledge, even when it's complex? This course gives you with the necessary tools to write with brevity and precision, enabling you to transform your communication from complex to concise. You'll gain the skills to discern relevant information from the recipient's perspective, leading to clearer and more impactful written communication.

Unlock Your Communication Potential

Whether you're a project manager, technician, engineer, or in any other profession, you may encounter the challenge of conveying complex information in your job. Whether it's through emails, analyses, offers, instructions, or manuals, your audience often comes from diverse professional backgrounds. This poses a unique communication and language challenge.

This course provides you with effective techniques for streamlining your work process, structuring your writing, and adopting a more natural style. The focus is on reducing misunderstandings and increasing efficiency in your written communication.


  • Effective strategies for placing your recipient at the center of your communication,
  • Techniques for writing concisely and precisely,
  • Knowledge on how to write in a more natural and personal manner,
  • Enhancing written communication to minimize misunderstandings.

Course Content

Putting Your Recipients at the Center of Your Communication
Gain a deeper understanding of recipients: Learn how to make your message comprehendible to them, and effectively convey texts that are immediately relevant and significant to them.
Crafting Engaging Texts
Learn how to identify the key message enabling you to create concise and impactful messages. Exploring readability, creating overviews, crafting compelling headlines, and employing appropriate structure.
Simplifying Complexity
The course includes numerous written exercises and practical tools, that empower you to transform your writing from being technically or professionally complex to becoming linguistically smooth and concise.

Methodology - Bridging Theory and Practice

The course combines theory, practical tools, and exercises. Throughout the course, you will engage in concrete writing and editing exercises that bridge the gap between theory and practice. The teaching approach also incorporates participants’ own texts, significantly enhancing the application of the new tools.


Nana Toft

Nana Toft is an accomplished academic, journalist and educator. For the past 10+ years, she has specialized in delivering writing courses for specialists in both private and public sector. Nana also serves a mentor as part of the censor corps for the three journalism schools in Denmark.